Old Men, Fat Fingers and Gutters

What do old men, fat fingers and gutters have in common?  Not what you may think, it has to do with Blogging, posting and keeping my fat fingers away from the delete, move to trash thingamabob on the right side of the posting page.  I’ve written more in the last few days than possibly the last 15 or so years.  When trying to add to, edit or post more, the fat fingers alway find the “get lost” button and off it goes  to Never Never land not to be seen again.  Of course if I would stop and read the “how to” instructions I may be able to work it out, but then I’d be admitting, men don’t need to read instructions is wrong.  I believe most men, me included, like to operate with the “trial and error” method, try this, try that, try some other way, now we can take it back to the store because it doesn’t work or it’s broken.

So there are the similarities, if I had a owner’s manual which came with Honey, I most likely wouldn’t read it anyway, I’d go with my gut feelings. After the Sid encounter, Honey really wasn’t too interested in what I had to offer in order to get her to do what I wanted or thought best for her.  She would come to the back door, then sit with her back to all inside looking off into that Never Never land, trying to find the “undo” button.  This morning was no exception, “feed me, treat me, and I’ll pacify you by sitting backside to the door for you.”

Later in the day, it finally stopped raining for the first time in 5 days so outside I headed to clean the gutters before the next rain hits tomorrow.  I love fall, as the kids now say, “not”.  Beautiful colored leaves, yellow, orange, red all jammed in the cold wet gutters half full with water.  Into the garage, get the extension ladder, look for the green bucket to collect the leaves in, unwind the hose, I’m ready.  Set up the ladder, hold onto the bucket and climb, clean 3 feet, down the ladder, move the ladder, back up the ladder.  All during the operation “gutter clean” Honey moves closer, and closer to get a better view with her nose.  Sniffs the ladder when I climb, sniffs the ladder after I descend.  By the time this ordeal is accomplished she had become a pest, as I came down for above she’s there right under the last step, almost stepping on her head.  I’m hoping she’s forgiven me for not properly introducing the cat.  If not, it was sure fun cleaning the gutters today with my girl, I may just go jam the gutters full tonight so we can clean them together again tomorrow.

Now if I save this prior to posting I may not need to re-write it again, I’m reading the instructions but there aren’t any on how to move to trash the “move to trash” button.


Posted on November 12, 2010, in Our Blog. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Nice work on getting the gutters cleaned and not deleting this post!

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