What Do Dogs Dream About?

It is said humans dream all the time, we just don’t remember them all, only a few.  How do dreamologists, or whatever they are called, know that?  If we don’t remember them all, how do we know we dreamt?  I seldom dream or at least remember them.  Maybe the dreams I don’t remember are dreams I dream about not remembering them.

Are dogs dreaming when they are sound asleep whining, moving their legs, twitching and sometimes seem to be running?  Do they remember them when they wake up, I hope so.

When I remember a dream it’s very detailed and vivid, last night I had one, a good one.  Whenever I’m with Honey and sometime during the interaction, I tell her softly or think to myself, “All I what to do is pet you, you’ll like it I promise”.  The dream I had took place in the nice summer weather, me sitting in a lawn chair, Honey’s head in my lap and me petting and TTouching her ears, just the two of us.

If Dogs do dream I have the following note to Honey.

Honey, I hope you had a good night last night alone, snuggled in your bed dreaming.  If so, I hope it was the exact same dream I had, “You’ll like it I promise……”


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  1. I remember people talking about how their shy dogs enjoyed being handled by them and hoped that someday it would happen with Sunny. It did. Change happens.

  2. I’m sure that dogs do dream George.

    Gracie seems to have very vivid ones that are not very nice 😦 She shakes and makes such gutteral noises, her ears and eyes twitch violently, sometimes her whole body convulses, her lips curl and she can make these high pitched yipping noises. I worry for her, so lay my hand gently on her back stroking her lightly until she feels me and wakes up. I’ve never seen or heard her have a pleasant dream, so I’m assuming that she must be reliving something that was very nasty from her past, or at least I hope it is from her past and not the past day or week!

    As for wanting to pet Honey, my hubby was saying the very same thing only this lunch time, when Gracie was right beside him as he ate his food and she sniffed the air around him. She came right up to his hand and he said, ‘Oh how I’d just love to stroke you, but I know you’ll run away if I move my hand toward you’.
    I said, ‘Yes and that’s the way she likes it!’

    One day, maybe she’ll let her guard down and allow him to touch her, you never know. We live in hope, and so must you George with Honey 🙂

    • Thanks Lizzie for the nice comment, I too feel that someday it will be allowed, that’s what keeps me keeping on. You are blessed to have a hubby that wishes the same as you do, when there are other mates who could care less.

      I’m sure dogs do dream and the dreams Gracie has is of her past, especially after watching her in action, happily looking in boxes in the last video.

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