10 Months to the Day

It has been exactly 10 months today since I received my girl Honey.  Sometimes I think, albeit not often, her progress is too slow to suit my fancy.  When it does cross my mind I remind myself, who I’m I to judge how fast we are progressing, it’s in her time frame not mine.

Today on our 10 months anniversary she surprised me with a wonderful anniversary gift.  The day started like any other day, up at the crack of dawn, opened all the gates to the place so she could run, left Maggie out to do her thing, prepared breakfast for both dogs and cleaned the mess in the kitchen while they ate their fill.  After the morning meal I treat Maggie and Honey some extra goodies in the kitchen, which results in Honey coming inside to retrieve the treats.  Then I go feed the Blue Jays and my personal favorites Sky Monkeys (crows) while Honey watches at the front gate.

Day in and day out we do the same, but not today, Today I got my special gift.  When returning from bird feeding I turned to close the main gate and received the surprise gift.  Honey came up behind me and I felt her sniffing my leg intently, both legs to be exact, and for the few moments I froze she seemed to be in no hurry.  Nothing special about my jeans, hadn’t been anywhere special or touched any new item, I think it’s just she finally wanted to get a good and proper smell of the guy who keeps bugging her, an excited YES was the required response and maybe a small treat was accidentally dropped.

Happy 304th day Anniversary Girl.


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  1. We just had our 5th year anniversary with sunny.

    I remember when you were concerned about being able to interact with honey at all! Now look at her and the gift we often don’t appreciate with a fearfuldog is the absence of aggression. Sometimes what we don’t get is a bigger gift than what we might hope for. Nice work.

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