Monthly Archives: March 2011

A New Game

My girl created a new game all by herself, and I’m so happy about the progress.

I reported earlier she started taking treats from my hand, a that was a huge step, inside, outside all around the place.  I do make her work for the treats, Hand targeting, and rubbing her fine soft chin as she takes them.

As of three days ago, the new and improved Honey showed her true colors.  As some of you know she is currently an outside dog living in the lap of outdoor luxury.  Her own covered kennel, insulated Igloo, comfy bedding changed daily, all the food and water she may need and the door to her kennel open 24/7 so she can do whatever dog do when not being watched.

The new Honey now comes to the backdoor sits and waits for my arrival from the recesses of that scary house.  If no appearance by me happens, she barks and jumps around wanting for company and talk.  She gets it even with the continuing rain and cold, damn I’m wet most of the day. But what the heck, she’s mine now.

The bridge has been crossed, It will be the last winter she is outside.  No more cold wet and muddy weather for her, I guarantee it.

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