Touch, Click, Treat and Stand

Finally the weather is improving here in rain country, we’ve had 29 days out of 30 of downpour.  Not much news regarding Honey and her progress except she has been walking around with an umbrella wearing hip boots and frowning at the sky.

For the last 2 weeks there has been nice weather, off and on, enough to get busy again with some serious work with her.  She is an amazingly intelligent girl who tries to figure out what it is I would like from her.  She may not do what I ask of her, but she has it figured out and will very cautiously start to do whatever it is and may stop but that’s okay too.

The added time with her has created an expert in hand targeting which resulted in targeting anything I ask her to touch. ( I now get to rub her muzzle, yippee)

hand target

Sorry for the poor picture, it’s hard to hand target, take a picture then put the camera down and treat from the other hand all at once, but I’m learning.

“Wait” has been added to her vocabulary, she now patiently waits while I treat my other dog then her.  “Stand” is a fun trick we’re still working on, I ask her to stand on her rear legs and look for a treat.  That was her contribution to the “Hey, let’s do something different” work, she did it first I capitalized on it.
We are continuing to work on her resource guarding, the “wait” command is a big help along with many treats.  I am, and proud to say, a “treat vending machine.”


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  1. Pretty quiet over here. How are things going?

  2. It is so wonderful when they make progress. We watch for each sign. As for the pictures, it is a challenge, but I am so grateful we have them to look back on.

  3. My behaviorist suggested teaching my fearful dog to target a long wooden spoon, with hopes it would help create distance when first interacting with scary strangers. We’re still not to the point yet where Oreo can get close enough to use the spoon with strangers, but he loves targeting it at home.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your journey.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Sara. The spoon target is a great way to train for meeting new people. My goal at this time is to build trust. She is moving to that goal faster now that she targets me.

      Please do stop by and comment when you wish, I’ll be reading your nice blog too.


  4. Thanks for the pat on the back. She has been amazing to work with. I keep trying different things to do with her, and she complies nicely.

  5. Makes me a bit teary eyed to read. Nice work. It will continue to improve. Desensitization never ends and dogs that have learned how to learn are only limited by our ability to train and our imagination.

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