R+, DS and CC training is now formally called “HEAT”

Over the last couple months Honey, Maggie and I have been working on Honey’s resource guarding issue.  The issue has only manifested it’s self when Maggie needs to walk past Honey’s kennel into the backyard.  The three of us have been treating like crazy and it has been working well.  The only problem was I needed to be within 20 or so feet of the pass by for Honey to remain calm.  I added a que word to the training and at the same time increased the distance, we’re almost up to all I need be is within sight.

I started to write a report yesterday, held it in Draft status then to my total surprise a new revelation showed up this early morning, so trashed the Draft.

A half hour early this morning Honey was sitting at the backdoor, strange, as she normally sleeps in until I wake her.  There she sat, fur all combed wearing a big smile, pretty as can be just waiting.  All our hard work regarding her issue paid off, I must have caused her to go into heat.  She is now in love with Maggie and could care less about guarding anything.  All I need do now is to figure out how to keep her loving Maggie after the 20 or so days pass, any suggestions.


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  1. Thanks wait until you read the next post, yahoo.

  2. Nice to hear your hard work had been starting to pay off and you had made so much progress already, before she got all lovey-dovey. 🙂

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