Sometimes A Little Pushing Is The Way

Other than the Lovey-Dovey part of Honey’s new self we really haven’t progressed to the point I was hoping for after this long.  So I decided to push a little because Honey recovers fairly fast when she become fearful of something that scares her. (I dropped a shovel on the driveway with a loud crash, she returned within a minute after running off because of it)

The property can be cordoned off by way of a gate into two sections, which works great during winter, dogs can go out to take care of business without getting wet and muddy.  That section is under shade, concrete and graveled with direct access inside.

Yesterday, being a no rain day, my Wife and I were sitting under cover in the side yard enjoying a glass of wine with both the gate and the door open.  All family members Sid the cat who is the boss, Maggie and Honey were in attendance adding their opinions to our conversation.  When all were present and accounted for I closed the gate so Honey had to stay with us all.  She handled this new situation by first sitting a few feet from anyone but soon became part of the gathering, ‘course treats helped considerably.

At dinner time we sat down in the normal configuration except this time leaving the door open, Maggie at my wife’s left side, I don’t feed scraps from the table but Maggie gets them from the other person at the table.  Sid was still outside watching the activity on the bird feeder from his chair.  Honey sitting outside watching Sid watch the bird feeder.  Suddenly in walks Ms. Honey sits herself at the table just like its a regular thing and stayed for the entire meal.

I'm Here

I’m now a believer, I guess, in treating from the table.  After dinner as we cleaned the table off, she stayed around, not so much helping just hanging out, how cool is that.


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  1. Awww – that’s wonderful. I’d definite take begging over fear any day!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes George, sometimes a little ‘push’ can go a long way. It was lovely to see Ms Honey (love that you call her that), sitting by the table there, I have a similar photo of Gracie!

    I expect that you can learn to ‘put up’ with the Honey Monster frequenting your dinner table and looking at you with those eyes, just like Gracie does. You’d better get used to handing out those treats George, cos I expect she won’t be going away in a hurry 🙂

    • After all this time, I’m sure she’ll get a treat or 7 when she invites herself for dinner. My daughter said she thinks Honey is playing hard to get, just to receive a dinner invite and lots of treats.

  3. Pretty cool indeed. Love the photos.

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