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Done With Them

The latest on stopping Honey’s Clomipramine, all is well.   It has been 2 weeks since her last pill with no major bad side effects.  She was on 50MG once a day.  Without this medication I believe she would have been a real basket case as she would just shake and runoff and disappear.  As inquisitive as she was, fear conquered the girl for the most part.

We now have a new and improved Honey.  She comes in and out of the house at will when the door is open, spends up to 2 hours inside, comes immediately when called and best of all goes outside to potty (that is a major surprise).  In no way am I saying she’s at the top of her game, just that she is making more strides a bit faster and recovers within a minute or so when there is something the may scare her.

All in all, I’m very glad she was on medication but happier now that she is off them.


More, Just a Little Pushing

We are still having good success in pushing Ms. Honey a little, so I’m pushing a little bit more. (I would add some pictures but she doesn’t like her picture taken right now she’s shedding, bad hair day)

After one year of being on Clomipramine I decided to wean her off them slowly and watch for any changes in her.  First of all I could not have progressed as we did without using the Clomipramine and I must thank my mentor Debbie of the now famous fearful  for recommending their use, but now it’s time to possibly stop using them.

The first thing I noticed by cutting her dosage in half is she now eats all her food at one sitting.  She would previously eat it all but it would take her about an hour to do so, take a bite walk away, take another bite walk, etc. plus the food dish NEEDED to be in her kennel, not now, gone in 10 minutes and eats all her meals in the kitchen. (big step)

By next week she will be totally off the Meds and hopefully done shedding, since I still can’t brush her, it’s a big issue (she sheds more than a big deciduous tree in the fall).  If everything is then as it is now, no other side effects by removing the Meds., I’ll be moving her inside with fingers crossed, at least for one day to see how it goes.

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