Done With Them

The latest on stopping Honey’s Clomipramine, all is well.   It has been 2 weeks since her last pill with no major bad side effects.  She was on 50MG once a day.  Without this medication I believe she would have been a real basket case as she would just shake and runoff and disappear.  As inquisitive as she was, fear conquered the girl for the most part.

We now have a new and improved Honey.  She comes in and out of the house at will when the door is open, spends up to 2 hours inside, comes immediately when called and best of all goes outside to potty (that is a major surprise).  In no way am I saying she’s at the top of her game, just that she is making more strides a bit faster and recovers within a minute or so when there is something the may scare her.

All in all, I’m very glad she was on medication but happier now that she is off them.


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  1. So pleased that Honey is off the meds George, and that it helped her for the duration. I decided very early on not to go down that road with Gracie; I was more concerned with side effects than whether it might help or not.
    I decided to manage her environment instead and I’m glad I did.
    It may have taken a little longer to reach the stage she is at now but hey who said it would happen anyway.
    With our dogs progress is measured by success, not time. 🙂

    • So true Lizzie, I too may not have opted for the drug route if she had been an inside type of girl. Being outside and alone I tried them and glad I did. She has turned out to be a very funny girl, always under foot but still no touch but we are within an inch or two.

      • Gracie is the same George, with the underfoot thing in the kitchen! Whenever I am in there she is too, forever in the hope of food.
        I don’t think it matters too much, (apart from the colder temperatures in your part of the world) where they choose to have their bed, or safe place as I call it, the main thing is that they now have the freedom to make that choice. I am able to touch and handle Gracie at will but she is still worried by my husband when he’s standing or moving around.
        How is Honey doing around your good lady?

  2. So glad to hear the good news! Yay for you and Honey. Keep up the good work.

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