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GVD, or in Humans, Old Fart’s Disease

I haven’t reported much on Honey’s progress over the summer months because we have been having a great time enjoying the warm sunshiny weather here in the Northwest (finally).  Her progress has been amazing to say the least considering where we started 19 months ago.

I want to hijack honey’s blog for one post to relate what happened and what I learned  over the last week.

Maggie my old, never a problem, laid back, ACD/Chow mix girl, had what I thought was a stroke Sunday the 11th.  She couldn’t walk without falling over, when she did she walked in circles, with a pronounce head tilt to the right, violent vomiting and a glassy eye confused look.  Checkbook in hand off to the Veterinarian Hospital we go expecting the worse.  The very nice Doctor checked her over and stated she most likely has Geriatric Vestibular Disease  so treated her with Dramamine and said she should be fine in 48 or so hours.  Dr. Gains also stated Maggie may have some slight side effect from the sudden onset of GVD.

A week has pasted and my old Girl is back to herself except for a head tilt to the right, like a puppy trying to figure out something.  I had never heard of GVD it can hit one or two times in dogs and cats, if it happens more than that it could be a inner ear infection or tumor.

Humans can also have the disease, but in us it’s called Old Fart’s Disease, which I have, can’t remember why I went into a room, can’t find my glasses are (when they are hanging on my face) therefore I understand Maggie’s situation very well.

Has anyone else heard of GVD and what have you seen in long term side effects?

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