Most humans I know hate Mondays.  However in this house two dogs love Mondays and so do I.

A few months back we were having a bit of a resource guarding issue, Maggie and Honey.  As reported we worked on the problem using BAT along with information gained from the book by Jean Donaldson, “Mine” .  My main goal for this year is to have Honey want to be with us, inside, outside all around the place, (if she wanted).  I can’t tell if its all the work that is being done to accomplish this or the cold, wet, windy weather here in the Northwest, but maybe its Mondays.

What makes Mondays so special?  Mondays are Chicken Liver cooking days for dog food additives for the rest of the week, I definitely need help getting this done, I guess.  Here’s a picture of Monday, both girls sitting waiting patiently, the other is of the two helping to clean the cutting board after the fact.

Just as a side note Honey has been, except for short periods of rest and relaxation, in the house for several days now.  She has also started to ask to come in.  3:30 this morning was a good example of wanting to return to either the warmth of the place or to check the calendar to see if it happens to be Monday.


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  1. Thanks for the comment Donna. She has over the past couple months started to ask to come in and go out. Mondays just happen to be a special day to both girls and I happened to have my phone handy for picture taking. The biggest step forward is the two are now friendly after several months of “get out of my face” stuff the three of us worked hard on to correct.

  2. How great that she’s asking to come in now. Even if it;s just for warmth and food – sounds like a step in the right direction to me. 🙂

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