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The journey comes to a end

6 years and 7 months ago I met my sweet but super scared blond girl I named Honey.  The journey went from her shaking, dropping her head and cowering like I was about to harm her, which never happened. Over time she started to become more trustworthy.  However she would shake if I moved suddenly in her direction.

It took almost one full year of treats and positive reenforcement for her to move, and want to be, in the house with my wife and I.  After all that time I did not have her permission to pet or touch her, other than a quick drive by pet I would surprise her with every once in a while.  I kept asking her if I could pet her and promised her she would like it. It never really happened until today.  I got to pet, stroke her as life left her beautiful honey colored body.  She passed at home with her adopted family, peacefully with her Home Vet’s help.

I will miss her big brown eyes and the touch of her nose when she would come up behind me mussel punch my leg and beg for a treat or two.

So in the end I hope she loved being petted as much as I did.

See you again sometime Girl.  Come home so you can be with the others that have gone before you in the honored place on the bookshelf of love.

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