In Memory of Maggie

Tears will stop but the emptiness will linger, thank you Maggie for being you.

February 28, 2012 was 14 years and 14 days since I found her, Valentines Day, at OHS and now it is time to let her go and be with the others that have gone on before her.

A few weeks after Sadie’s passing I decided to checkout animal shelters and give a dog in need a home. Sadie was a real joy and friend, as a thank you to her I went searching. (I can’t lie; I missed the sounds of a dog always being around.) On the second trip to the shelter, there she was cowering in the corner of her kennel, very underweight and with the most beautiful yellow eyes imaginable, named Hazel.

It was a meant to be kind of thing in my opinion. I went to the adoption desk and asked to read her paperwork, she had been surrendered, so there was some history on her I wanted to read. The nice lady at the desk took a couple minutes and said “it would take some time to find the paperwork because it wasn’t where it was supposed to be.” While she looked for the write up I revisited Hazel finally getting her come out of the corner and take a treat ever so cautiously from my hand. Upon returning to the desk I was informed that there was a hold on Hazel for a possible adoption. Even so I asked to read the surrender papers and realized her previous people no longer had time for this 8 month old pup. I asked, if she wasn’t adopted would they please call me and I would rush over and adopt her. The woman at the desk said if I was really interested in adopting a dog to “fill out adoption paperwork just in case or I may want another dog.” As I sat filling out the adoption form the phone on the desk rang. A simple “Yes”, “yes”, “Okay thank you” the woman said into the phone, hung up then said to me “Hazel is yours that was the person who was interested in Hazel, they don’t want her now.” I’m glad they didn’t.

Signing the papers, plopping down a few bucks our life together started.  On the way home, her riding in the front seat, we decided Maggie would be a better name and she agreed she really didn’t like the name Hazel anymore.

Over the years she became the matriarch of the family having outlived 2 dogs, Archie, Dexter and a cat named Sid. She also welcomed several other dogs here while they were in transit between shelters and rescues. She never seemed to complain or boss any others around, even when Sid would punch her hindquarters when walking past him. All dogs, including Honey and all her puppies when they arrived, were her friends and so were people, she loved life.

Not going into the details, she went peacefully into the next life while licking my hand as the Doctor quietly said listening to her weakened heart “She’s Gone.” She’s home again resting with the others on the mantle who have made the trip before her. She will be missed, her bed is still where it always was, next to my chair where I could reach down and pet her. I catch myself checking her big soft bed every once in a while to see if by chance she’s still there.

A great song for my girl Maggie, please click to enjoy..    My Buddy, nights are long since you went away.

  1. What a beautiful girl and such gorgeous eyes.

  2. My heart goes out to you, George ❤

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