In Memory of Sadie

Time doesn’t always heal the loss of a friend.  On the 23rd of January marks the 12th year anniversary of the passing of my friend and companion Sadie, so it’s a very quiet day here at the home front.

Sadie is an Australian Cattle Dog of exemplary linage; Mother and Father were both herding and show champions extraordinaire!  At the ripe old age of 8 weeks she came into my life and at that time I really didn’t know just how much she would.  She and I went to several training sessions to learn how to behave and act properly in the show arena; I planned on showing and finishing her so I could have a piece of paper stating she was a champion.  She already was a champion, I just didn’t know it.  Sadie really hated the show environment and told me so by jumping into my arms from ground level whenever we would walk out of the ring, so we stopped the rigmarole and just became constant pals.

Sadie, beautiful little girl

Many happy years later with her going to work with me, playing and just hanging out my worst fears happened.  Sadie began to bravely struggled with arthritis and would just go on with life in general, I helped with her struggle the best I could, medications for pain and all the rest of the suggested treatments, she was doing okay but there were drawbacks.

One day, I failed to guide her as she came down the stairs so she fell all the way to the bottom.  Upon examining her I found she was completely paralyzed from her front legs on back.  Into the car and off to the emergence clinic we sped with all hope she could be fixed somehow.  I waited and paced in the waiting room for the completion of the examination finally it came, nothing good to report, they could try surgery but that would most likely not work in her case.  They recommended I take her to her regular vet when her vet’s office opened 3 hours later the same day, I agreed.  Sadie was brought out to me, carried by a vet tech with a stint in her leg taped for transport, and placed in her normal front passenger seat place.  More waiting, pacing and watching the clock tic slowly, ever so slowly by.

We arrived at Sadie’s vet office just prior to their opening and when the sign was changed to “open” in I went.  By pure luck of the draw, her veterinarian happened to be standing at the front desk and asked how things were going; with a tear or two in my eyes I just shook my head negatively and said Sadie is paralyzed.  Sadie’s and now Maggie’s, Dexter’s, Honey’s and Sid’s Doctor is the best, she immediately instructed the tech to cover all her appointment and I carried Sadie directly into the examination room.

More waiting ahead as the Doctor asked for Sadie to be left so she could do everything she could to help my girl.  One day went by then another, finally the “please come in and let’s talk about it” call came. (I didn’t like the tone of that call)

At the office the Doctor and I discussed all the findings, options none were any good, therefore I decided, I hate playing God, to put my girl, friend and confidant to rest, hopefully to a place of verdure and peace.  To understand how hard this decision was she was the best, She never really stared into my eyes, I think because we were together most of the time, I’d take her to work, vacation,etc.  Therefore I guess she never really needed to ask “what’s up”, for 14 years everything was up.  Since she had the stint in her leg, it was easy and painless to administer the drug.  Syringe in the stint, the vet said whenever you’re ready, just nod.  At that exact moment Sadie turned her head and stared into my eyes for a long time, as I cried. I nodded and it was over, but I’ll never forget the eyes, I hope she saw the love in mine, I’ll never forget that moment, IT is in the eyes, those beautiful amber eyes.

Sadie never used a dog crate, but now rests in a marble urn in an honored place on the shelf in the entertainment center at eye level for all to see adjacent to the large portrait hanging above my easy chair where she watches as I work with my new charge Honey, I hope she approves.

While surfing the net I found this awesome video, please enjoy it, “Just a dog”

See you soon Sadie!

  1. I*m thinking of all the love they left behind… It is more than you ever can tell about. My girl was 17 and “baby boy” 13 when I had to let them go, and I know I’ll miss them as long as I live. She was beautiful, hold on to Your memories. You will meet again. ❤

  2. What a beautiful story, George.

  3. What a loving tribute to what clearly was a very special girl!

  4. What a beautiful and moving story. 15 years ago? I guess we should get used to the gap left then. Feb 25 will be 2 years for Madison, and we still can’t think about another dog. Well, we’ve thought about it briefly, but it’s clear we aren’t anywhere near ready. (We currently foster.)

    I understand how your feel–Madison went EVERYWHERE with us. It really hit me when I walked into work the next day without her. That was SO depressing.

    We had Madi in an urn for about a year. In a drawer, I know that sounds horrible and disrespectful, but I couldn’t bear to look at it as it hurt so much to imagine her in there. We finally came to terms with it and buried her ashes in the back yard when we lost our next pet, so they would be together. It is a sad little spot in our backyard, but that is where we have them all together.

    I am sorry you lost your sweet girl. Your story speaks of her so honorably and really communicates your deep love and commitment to her. Thanks for sharing the link.

    • Thank you for commenting, we all grieve in different ways. I need to see her in her resting place. She did one thing really well, she started me on the road to helping fearful dogs here at home and in kennels forgotten by humans.

  5. Sadie was a great dog. I miss her.

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